HIV-Positive Hospital Transplant Coordinator Becomes Second HIV-Positive Live Kidney Transplant Donor

As a registered nurse and transplant coordinator, Karl Neumann was acutely aware of the shortage of donated organs and always wanted to help others by becoming an organ donor. However, given his HIV-positive status, he was unable to do so. Until recently, HIV-positive individuals were barred from registering as organ donors amaking a living organ donation. This all changed in 2013, when the HIV Organ Policy Equity Act, also known as the HOPE Act, was signed into law. The HOPE Act enables  HIV-positive donors and enabled donors to offer their organs to HIV-positive recipients. In the wake of the law’s passage, Neumannn decided to become a donor, and subsequently, donated his kidney. On September 12, 2013, his donation led to the second live HIV-positive kidney transplant in the United States. 

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Blog post authored by Jean Krebs

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