Can a Face Mask Stop Coronavirus?

Many people around the world are purchasing face masks with the belief that it will prevent the contraction of the novel coronavirus. However, face masks are not a guaranteed solution against sickness. The coronavirus can still enter the body through the eyes and small aerosol virus particles can penetrate surgical masks. These masks are effective at keeping droplets from a cough or sneeze contained. The main route of transmission for COVID-19 is through droplets. If one is showing symptoms of the virus, then wearing a mask can help to protect others. However, wearing a mask during day to day activities, such as “walking around town or taking a bus” won’t really make too much of a difference. Before purchasing a face mask, it is important to consider health care workers that need access to these masks. The World Health Organization has “warned against hoarding and panic-buying” of masks as “concern about shortages of face masks used by doctors and nurses” rise and prompt “hospitals around the world to clamor for medical supplies as the coronavirus continues its infectious spread.”

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Blog post authored by Zan Sheikh

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