Resources and Services 

We offer the following services to people in New York (and their surrogates, caregiver and families):

  • Education to community, academic and patient groups on:
    • How to “start the conversation”
    • Structure, content and key provisions of health care proxies
    • Proper use and purpose of the MOLST forms
    • Proper use and purpose of DNRs
    • Implications of the Family Health Care Decisions Act
    • Consequences related to non-completion of a health care proxy form
  • Legal document drafting support, including:
    • Health care proxy form completion
  • Ongoing refinement of legal documents, based on key life milestones, changing life circumstances, and physician and family requests.
  • Referrals to other legal, social and spiritual services.
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CHAT Resources and Services

CHAT for the Community

Through careful consideration of community needs, CHAT strives to build and implement community outreach programs that include critical educational and legal services that foster effective medical-decision making and end-of-life planning. By engaging communities in culturally sensitive ways, CHAT elevates the conversation from the isolated individual level to the population level where it is recognized as both a universal need and a common experience. CHAT equips individuals and their families with the tools needed to guide informed decisions about healthcare in the event that an individual becomes ill but lacks decision-making capacity. To set up a CHAT session in your community, click here.

CHAT for Clinicians

CHAT for Clinicians is a train-the-trainer model that provides space for healthcare professionals and their staff to talk with patients and patients’ families about end-of-life care. These conversations can be challenging, in part because patients may have fears and anxieties that stymy their engaging in discussions about complex medical decision-making, including that needed at the end of life. To set up CHAT training for your office, click here.

CHAT Resources and Services
CHAT Resources and Services

CHAT Legal Services

The CHAT Project also provides no cost one-on-one consultations to community members to explain the benefits of completing advance directives, the types of advance directives available under the law, and how each type can be executed. Community members who schedule a consultation will meet with trained law students who will conduct the consultations under the supervision of an attorney. To schedule a one-on-one consultation, click here.

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