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About Mission Critical

Nassau County in New York State and surrounding counties (Suffolk, Queens and Kings) is home to one of the largest Veteran populations in the nation.  Existing resources are fragmented and often difficult to access, especially during the crucial period in which veterans make the transition from military to civilian life. Further, an inability to access much-needed support services has sometimes been met with devastating consequences.

With few places to go, providing coordinated care to the growing number of veterans in need is not just important – it is mission critical. We serve all veterans who have not benefited fully from strides made in employment, education, healthcare coverage, personal income, and housing.



To serve the local veteran community by delivering interconnected and accessible educational, clinical, legal and social resources in a centralized location.


Led by the Gitenstein Institute, Mission Critical is working to coordinate, centralize and expand services including free legal services for veterans on Long Island, home to one of the largest veteran populations in the nation. In addition, the project is working to create sustainable models for educating veterans about available benefits, increase access to services for veterans, and to facilitate the adoption of these models by other communities across the country.

We support our community veterans by providing fully integrated, truly connected services to help veterans succeed in their transition to civilian life by delivering multi-disciplinary educational, clinical, legal and social resources in a centralized location.

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